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Everyone likes to receive a gift.

Ad speciality and promotional products are little treasures that continually remind the recipients of your thoughtfulness. These little over-achievers allow you to butter up your clients, thank trade show participants for stopping by your booth or reward employees.

An ad speciality product provides your company or organization with a useful, low-cost medium to display your company’s logo, slogan, phone number and message and keep it in front of your customer’s eyes for months – even years

Chotskies, Trinkets, Knick-Knacks …whatever you call them, they work!

T-shirts, caps, golf shirts, coffee mugs, pens, refrigerator magnets, mousepads … the list is nearly endless. We know of no major company that doesn’t include ad specialities in their marketing schemes.

With over 350,000 products and garments now available to imprint, screenprint, stamp or embroider your logo on to, there is certainly an item that will be a perfect giveaway for your objectives and at a cost to fit virtually any budget.

Using Ad Specialties as a Marketing Tool

More and more companies are using imprinted items to expand their name or brand to consumers or businesses. It could be as simple and inexpensive as a CD with a collection of holiday music, or a clever and useful item such as a mouse pad or chip bag clip. And, since we are a people that are always on the go, the travel mug or water bottle tote have become two of today’s most popular items and are quite inexpensive.

Other ways to use Ad Specialties can be in the form or “Dimensional Marketing”, especially when you wish to launch a new product or announce an event. These can be relevant, fun, informative, useful and are always well-received by the recipients.

How do you choose the right item? Ask us. After all, it’s still a form of marketing which is our profession. You shouldn’t select an item without it being relevant to your company’s message, product line or services. We’ll always remind you of this.

There are many, many more items than appear on this online catalogue and new ones are being introduced constantly. Why? Because they’re low cost. Well-received.And effective.